Take a closer look into the fascinating world of fungi with local mushroom fundi, Toban McMahon. Toban has been exploring the forests of the ”mountain” his whole life, showing a particular interest in the diverse kingdom of fungi, as well as many other wild and wonderful things. He has a lifelong mission to know them all – from the edible to the poisonous! Toban is very enthusiastic to teach people all he has learned over the years.The workshop he presents consists of a 3 km walk (about 3 and half hours long) which traverses the different biomes of the
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The Glass Art Studio is located on Tupelo Honey Farm, so it’s best to phone and confirm there is someone here to open for you. We have lots of glass products.. mirrors, bowls and plates and hanging butterflies. Also there is a range of macadamia nuts to choose from. Roasted and raw, caramelized nuts, dukkah and Mac Nut butter.
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South Africa now holds the records for the highest tree in Africa and the highest planted tree in the world. The saligna gum (Eucalyptus saligna) tree known as Fourth Kin in the Magoebaskloof state forest, measured at 83,7m, according to Leon Visser, an arborist who served on the Champion Tree Evaluation Panel of the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries. “Fourth Kin is now the tallest tree ever measured in Africa, and the tallest planted tree on the planet. Fourth Kin is a South African champion tree and was planted by forestry pioneer AK Eastwood in 1906. “Champion trees
Experience the warm hospitality of the Ramoraswi family at Ga-Malahlela Village near Magoebaskloof. As with real life, what is happening in the village on the day you visit, determines what you do. Often a visit begins at the Sangoma’s home to better understand this ancient art of divining and traditional healing. Follow the rhythm of daily life – dance a little,  make new friends and tantalize your tastebuds with the flavours of Limpopo.   With Mary Ramoroaswi, you can try traditional food such as Pap, wild spinach, mopane worms, ‘walkie-talkies’ and wash it down with a pot of traditional
Steam distillers of Helichrysum splendidum commonly known as Southern Immortelle. A beautiful essential oil unique to the mountains of Haenertsburg. With an array of health and beauty benefits. Book a tour to see this unique process  and meet the team. Julie will walk you through the whole process and give an insight into this remarkable 30  year journey. There are products for sale. R60 per person, children under 13 free. Bookings essential. Hours 11 am and 2pm. Cash is preferred but EFT is also an option.
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