Mushrooms of Magoebaskloof with Toban.

Cheerio road L2

Take a closer look into the fascinating world of fungi with local mushroom fundi, Toban McMahon. Toban has been exploring the forests of the ”mountain” his whole life, showing a particular interest in the diverse kingdom of fungi, as well as many other wild and wonderful things. He has a lifelong mission to know them all – from the edible to the poisonous! Toban is very enthusiastic to teach people all he has learned over the years.
The workshop he presents consists of a 3 km walk (about 3 and half hours long) which traverses the different biomes of the mountain – from indigenous grasslands to pine plantations. Each mushroom which is found on route is carefully examined and explained in detail.
This is a friendly activity for all members of the family.
The cost is R200 per adult, R100 for under 18s and under 5s are free.

Think back to those times you’ve seen a colourful weirdly shaped toadstool in its
little mossy home… or standing proud on the lawn.
Well here is your opportunity to get up close and learn all about it, not only whether it is
edible or poisonous, but also about its connection to the environment, and the
symbiotic relationships it has with plants, animals and other fungi.
There has been a booming interest in all things fungi, particularly over the past
couple of years, with lots of research into their health and medicinal benefits.
This is a great way to join a global community that is enthusiastic about
understanding nature’s mysteries. It is also an opportunity to enjoy an educational stroll through some of Limpopo’s critically endangered Woodbush granite grassland on the Otterholt farm. The Woodbush granite grassland is the biome type that covered the hills in the
Haenertsburg area before the introduction of timber farming. As a result of this
farming method, this biome has been reduced, with only 200 hectares remaining, of which
an untouched pristine piece is on Otterholt farm.
Toban gives an overview, with notes on edible and medicinal properties, of some of the endemic plants and animals that can be found in these special grasslands.

For the prosperity of all the creatures that call the wild places their home, the McMahon family has always been passionate about protecting the wild places that remain.
Come and kick off your shoes on this barefoot friendly farm! Breath the crisp clean air
and feel the grass between your toes. Immerse yourself in the complex wonder of
the natural world.
The walk itself entails a bit of exploring off the beaten track in search of mushrooms.
This activity is particularly fun for children, allowing them to embrace their sense of adventure and tune their eyes to see all the often overlooked wonders that are hiding right under our noses.

Some other highlights on route are the Ram pump, which requires no fuel or electricity to operate, and interesting discussions about natural building methods.