One of the biggest municipal-owned game reserves in South Africa, the Polokwane Game Reserve’s main attraction must be the amount of ground one can cover on foot – there are a number of walks, including a one-day 20 kilometre hiking trail with overnight accommodation.  The reserve has a very rich diversity of bird species and is regarded as one of South Africa’s important bird areas
The Ribola Art Route in Mbokota, near Elim and Louis Trichardt, personifies the true African spirit – a melting pot of Tsonga, Venda and Shangaan cultures. Ribola celebrates this authentic rhythm through art, music and the age-old African tradition of story-telling.  Connect with love Limpopo (072 397 9624) to create a day filled with authentic immersive experiences from making your own traditional clay pot or creating a Batik cloth to visiting world-renowned artists or making music on traditional instruments with talented musicians.
Kaross is an embroidery initiative, founded 1988 on a Citrus Farm in the Letsitele Area. While visiting the Embroidery studio, we welcome you to enjoy a light lunch, wonderful coffee, cake or home made lemonade at our Kaross Café. We are a gathering place like no other in our area. Situated under two magnificent trees, come and experience the African Farm Air and an unique ambiance that is truly part of Kaross. In Tintswalo Phakula’s words; “Don’t only feel at home, be at home”