Ribola Art Route

The Ribola Art Route in Mbokota, near Elim and Louis Trichardt, personifies the true African spirit – a melting pot of Tsonga, Venda and Shangaan cultures. Ribola celebrates this authentic rhythm through art, music and the age-old African tradition of story-telling. 

Connect with love Limpopo (072 397 9624) to create a day filled with authentic immersive experiences from making your own traditional clay pot or creating a Batik cloth to visiting world-renowned artists or making music on traditional instruments with talented musicians.

A short road-trip takes you into Limpopo’s creative heart – to the home-galleries of some of the country’s most renowned artists and sculptors as well as talented craftspeople.

With the Soutpansberg mountains as the back-drop, Mbokhota, Thshivuyeni, Mukhondeni and Mashau tuck in to the valley below the iconic Ribola Peak. The artists, musicians and craftspeople in this area have attracted visitors from near and far to experience the rich cultural creativity and talent to be found here. World-renowned artists whose work has been exhibited in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Japan as well as having art works in the top galleries and art collections in the country include the late Jackson Hlungwani, Phineas Mativandlela and John Baloyi who shaped the living legends Thomas Kubayi, David Murathi and Johannes Maswanganyi as well as the young emerging artists, Pilato Bulala, Kenneth Nonyana, Amorous Maswanganyi and Gezland Hlungwani.