Woodbush Forest Reserve

This is a self drive route. Birders visit Haenertsburg and Magoebaskloof primarily to explore the extensive Woodbush Forest Reserve. Woodbush is an Afromontane mist belt forest which has a high annual rainfall.

The forests are home to Cape Parrot, Black-fronted Bush-Shrike, White-starred Robin, Orange Ground-Thrush, Buff-spotted Flufftail, Grey Cuckooshrike, Chorister Robin-Chat, Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher, Yellow-streaked Greenbul, Crowned Eagle and many more.
Access to the Woodbush Forest is by public road which is the Forest Drive.

The first section from the top is usually doable by sedan car. Find a place to park and walk along the road. If you are lucky you might come across a bird party which just might have all the birds species you are looking for in one place.

In summer, aim to get there at dawn to experience the incredible dawn chorus while you sip your coffee. In winter, birding is more difficult but many of the specials are still in the forest.

If you have a high-clearance vehicle you can continue down the Forest Drive to the Debegeni Waterfall.