Swartbos Trail 

The Swartbos trail winds its way very gently through the indigenous forest of Magoebaskloof and is a medium to difficult trail.

Some of the points of interest on the trail are:


    • The cathedral Tree – this is a strangler vine which straddled several trees and now reminds one of a cathedral vault.
    • Saw pit – 19th century woodcutters dug a pit beneath large felled trees so they could saw them into planks with one person below and one person on top.
    • The nose – a ridge jutting out between two river valleys.
    • The Pipe- a strangler vine where its tree victim has died and rotted away leaving only the tube formed by the vine.
    • The knoll – this is an unexpected hill in the middle of the Magoebaskloof. Enjoy the magnificent view both back towards the hotel and down the valley to the Tzaneen Dam.