MTB Routes

Rules of Use

  • Use of this mountain biking trail is at your own risk. Property owners/managers will not be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage sustained on this trail. 
  • You can purchase tickets for the various trails via Quicket
  • In using these trails you agree to:
    • Not smoke on the trail
  • Not consume alcohol on the trail
    • Strictly no fires
    • Not picnic
    • Not litter – please take your rubbish with you
    • Not damage or remove fauna and/or flora
    • Stay on the designated trail
  • Please ensure that you have the contact number for the establishment you are departing from in case of emergency.
  • Water along the route is safe to drink but please take sufficient water for your needs.
  • Forestry operations may be in progress on these trails and care should be taken at all times.
  • Sections of the trails are shared with walkers and vehicles and care should be taken at all times.
  • Please close any gates that you have opened to continue on the trail.