The Long Tom in Haenertsburg.

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“Grenfell now got news of the Boer main body on the Haenertsburg mountain, due east of Pietersburg; with them was reported to be a 6-in. gun, rumours of which had long gone about the district He immediately turned in that direction, and passing through Woodbush on the 29th, was greeted by the cannon from the high ground 10,000 yards to the south.

The gun continued to shell his rapid advance; but the demonstration was only a plucky piece of bravado, for Lieutenant Du Toit (State Artillery), who was in charge of the piece, had been deserted by his proper escort, two commandants who were coquetting with surrender,  he was almost alone. Firing until the attack came within 3,000 yards, Du Toit then blew the weapon to fragments with dynamite cartridges and made his escape, ten of his men being taken by Grenfell in the pursuit. The troops then scoured the country in all directions, discovering enormous quantities of buried ammunition.”, F; Grant, M.H. (1910). History of the War in South Africa 1899 – 1902. Vol. IV. London: Hurst &