Manely Equine Horse Riding

Guided Horseback Trail Riding through the indigenous forests of Haenertsburg and along the base of the Highest Peak in Limpopo, the Iron Crown mountian. No experience needed, we cater for beginners, with calm well trainer horses through to more experienced riders looking for an adventure on Horseback!

Manely Equine offers a variety of Equine Experiences, catered on horses that has been trained and seasoned in a way that they too enjoy every experience. We work with the horse in it’s natural environment and train and ride them naturally, without causing any discomfort to the horse. We ride and train all our horses bitless and barefoot, our horses live out in the forest as they were created to live free. This ensures a happy horse!

We offer:

  • Scenic Trail Rides
  • Picnic Trail Rides
  • Extreme Trail Rides (for experienced riders only)
  • Overnight Camping Trail Rides
  • Kiddies Rides
  • Horse Riding Lessons
  • Horsey Birthday Parties
  • Holiday Horse Camps
  • Training and backing of young horses
  • Retraining of problem horses or abused horses

Horse Transportation