In the Company of Horses – The Equine Experience*

Our philosophy with horses is about connection and relationship, always ensuring their well-being in any interaction or intervention we offer clients.

Daily, prior bookings essential.

Equine experiences and trails allow for a sense of adventure, reflection, and tranquillity, created by nature, wilderness and the intuitive healing power of animals surrounding us. It is our passion to share experiences with people seeking life-changing adventures to relive a bygone era in the company of horses.

In the Company of Horses is a philosophy and in our work with horses, we focus on connection based on leadership and trust and always putting the horse first. It’s a relationship enabling riders the potentially thrilling experience of viewing the African wilderness from horseback, it’s a partnership with a sentient being giving authentic bio-feedback non-judgementally. This philosophy we bring into all aspects of our work.

Our services range from:

  • Horse Rides & Overnight Trails in Houtbosdorp, Munnik Conservancy and Woodbush Forestry
  • Specialised Training in Horsemastership, Natural Equine Body Language, Dangerous Game Horse Guiding
  • Equine Facilitated Personal Development & Leadership Coaching
  • Student Internship Placements  with our herd of horses (limited spaces)
  • Wilderness learning experiences alongside the horses

Daily, prior bookings essential